Optimus Real Time: GPS Tracker Review

optimus real time gps trackerThe Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker was specially designed to help users track down the exact location using a tracking device (cell phone).

This product is a real-time GPS tracker, and focuses more on real-time GPS location tracking than the hardware itself. It is a high-end tracker, but the real star is their software suite.

The company is offering a design that is more universal than others in the market, which allows users to use it elsewhere.





The Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker can be installed in your vehicle, attach it to a stroller, place it in your child’s backpack, or simply add it to your luggage when travelling. The size and battery life ensure that it can offer you great ease. The device itself is easy to use, and can offer great help in difficult times.

The button on the front allows your family or friends to call for help if need be. The design of this GPS tracker offers durability, the rubber cover around it ensures protection from accidental drops. The device can take a downpour, and even survive chilly winters.

This tracking device is easy to use, no matter if it has been plugged in or not; the tracker will be constantly working. This ensures that someone will not be able to disable it, and the only button is actually an SOS signal. Once the button is pressed it sends the exact location of the tracker to the cell phone it has been paired with.


Tracking Accuracy

optimus real time gps tracker

The device uses both GPS tracking and cell phone tower triangulation to ensure that you are being offered an accurate location.

There is up to 4 meters, but there are seldom signal dropouts. These happen when you are going through a tunnel, or in a large building. In such situations the device offers location with 20 meters of accuracy.



optimus real time gps tracker

The application offered works great on both iOS and Android devices, and comes packed with features. The tracking is played via Google Maps, the location is picked up every 60 seconds; but with the help of speed data your phone estimated the position in real-time.

Users have the option to receive push notifications, SMS, and even email of alerts. You can enable push notifications on as many cell phones as you wish. All it requires is for the application to be downloaded on the phone, and login. Each account can contain four different email ids, along with 4 different SMS numbers.

Furthermore, there are a number of settings you can use, you can even set a speed limit alert; and Google Maps will send you a notification if the speed is exceeded.

Tracking can even be set by area, you will receive a notification each time the tracker enters and exits a specific area.

Moreover, you will receive a notification when the battery is running low, or when someone hits the SOS button. An excellent feature is that it keeps on driving logs, so you can keep an eye on the trips taken; and it also notes the time and date along with the location.


Pricing Package(s)

The Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker works in the United States of America, Canada, Australia, Europe, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and China. They are planning to add more countries in the future, but no countries have been announced yet. The package offer is $19.95 per month. This includes data fees minus taxes, and you can cancel at any given time.

Testimonials From Verified Purchases

Great comfort.
“This has served us well. i am a single mother who had to share her 3-year old child with the child’s father (a citizen of a foreign country) for two weeks. I placed the device in the child’s suitcase, and it informed me of their day to day location. great piece of mind!” – Elaine on May 16. 2017

Very pleased with this tracker.
“Holding a charge fairly well. At 6% on the 10th day. Somewhat accurate; During testing the tracker was about 90% accurate. Missed a couple of known locations. Pleased with the results.” – June 5, 2017

Great product!
“Can follow the route our teen daughter takes to school to make sure she arrives safely. each charge lasts over a week and you can watch from your phone or computer exactly how much charge the tracker has left. I’m glad we purchased this.” – Mike Lukovich on May 6, 2017

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The GPS Tracker You’ve Been Looking For

Additionally, the tracker features a high-powered antenna that transmits data back to your cell phone, even when the device is hidden. The device has the capacity to transmit through walls, fabric, and even metal.  This device is ideal for anyone who is looking for some reliability, along with usability. Its design allows you to use it in various ways, allowing it to be more useful than other trackers in the market.

Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker

Optimus Real Time GPS Tracker

Ease of Use


    Tracking Distance


      Tracking Accuracy



        • Excellent customer service
        • Historical data when subscribed
        • A completely dedicated application


        • Not suitable for constant fleet tracking
        • Only covers areas with cellular coverage

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