Comparing The Top GPS Trackers

When it comes to location tracking, we have a number of  GPS trackers out there that can help us track the belongings of our choice and even our cars.

We have the spy tech GPS tracker and the Optimus GPS tracker to look up for our lost smart machines including cell phones and smart televisions. Also, we have the tile mate tracker and the moto safety trackers for similar purposes.

Despite their identical purposes, these trackers can be compared for the rapid and easy selection of the kind of GPS tracker one is looking for. Let’s first cover the differences between spy tech GPS tracker and the Optimus GPS tracker.

Spy tech GPS tracker OR the Optimus GPS tracker

The two Gspy tec gps trackerPS trackers comprise some similar basic features. The details of their specifications are:

The Spy Tech GPS Tracker provides real-time updates about speed, direction, and location. It monitors and records location with pinpoint accuracy. The device works best for tracking vehicles. It can come with a strong magnetic case that improves its efficiency.

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The magnetic case easily sticks underneath the vehicle where it can’t be spotted and thus quietly does its job.

One major advantage of the Spy Tec GPS tracker is that it is very compact in size. The 2 inches long Spy tech device easily fits into a bag or even a pocket. It comes with a rechargeable battery.

The battery life usually lasts up to 3 weeks. An extended battery pack is also provided. Whether you are watching the movements of a vehicle or you’re guarding your valuable property, Spy tech trackers are always there to help you.optimus real time gps tracker

The Optimus GPS tracker is also a small sized device and hence portable.

It does not have a magnetic case facility. It comes with a lithium polymer battery that saves its battery and so this tracker could be used days without charging. It calculates location accurately after every 10 seconds.

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It has the advantage of receiving alerts through any tracking website or application. It also consists of various alarms for special purposes. The Optimus GPS tracker is used more frequently when looking for small things. It also has its uses when tracking vehicles.

Tile Mate Tracker OR the Moto Safety Tracker

gps trackerTile Mate Tracker and the Moto Safety Tracker both, despite being GPS trackers find their uses in different areas.

Tile Mate Tracker is a Bluetooth tracking device that is used to spot those tiny yet useful things around us. The experience of losing your car key when already getting late for your job couldn’t get worse.

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Tile mate tracker just solves this problem and others like it. This tracker comes in a small tile shape that can be placed on the key ring of your car keys. It looks like a thin and a light chunk of plastic that has a built-in Bluetooth sensor.

This location tracker is used with the help of its respective application. It tells the range where your things was last spotted. It is an easy to use a device and is very handy.

It is not an expensive product and is there to make your life easier while giving you peace of mind.

gps tracker moto safeyThe Moto Safety Tracker is a teen car tracker. It was introduced to keep teens safe by keeping a track of their driving movements and patterns.

It is as small as the size of a car key. Just like other GPS trackers, it transmits location every minute. The system installed in this tiny device records and reports the driver’s driving activity.

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Any unsafe activity including over speeding and harsh braking are also recorded. It also has built-in motion sensors that detect speeding.

Apart from tracking the driver’s location, it displays the last recorded location of the vehicle on the respective app after every few minutes.


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